INTEGRA 800/200 heater

Tank in tank combination storage INTEGRA 800/200 is designed for heating domestic hot water and solar support of central heating. It also integrates multiple heating sources in one system.

Information about the product

INTEGRA 800/200 is a tank inside a tank solution. The inner tank is used for heating domestic hot water by taking the heat from surrounding hot water. Hot water may be heated by mutliple sources at the same time: boiler, heat pump, fireplace with water jacket or an electric heater as well as indirectly - through solar thermal system using a coil heat exchanger. Therefore a solar thermal system not only heats the domestic hot water, but also supports central heating in the building. Due to its higher capacity, INTEGRA is also a heat buffer and a hydraulic coupling. It is usefull in heating systems with multiple heat sources and heating circuits. It eliminates negative interference of heating circuits and heating sources (hydraulic separation, ensurance of required water flow).

The internal domestic hot water tank is powered from the bottom with tap water, which lets the lower part of the heater cool down (solar thermal system can give away more heat). It also guarantees easy maintenance (the tank may be easily emptied in order to, for example, rinse it). The outer coat, which collects heating water, has more pipe stubs and allows connection of multiple heating sources. In a solar thermal system, heating water is warmed by a coil heat exchanger, therefore the water is separated from glycol.
In the upper part of the heater you will find an outlet for domestic hot water and circulation. There is also a protection anode for enamel covered tank and a sleeve for the temperature sensor placed in boiler`s controller (or other heat source).
The main operation zone is in the middle and the main heat source (such as gas boiler) and heating circuits are connected to it. Pipe stubs are equipped with special inserts which diffuse the water flowing into the heater. Its construction limits mixing of water and ensures appropriate distribution of temperatures in the heater. INTEGRA is delivered in parts: body and thermal insulation, which is put on after installation.

INTEGRA`s special feature is its clear division into temperature zones through built in barriers in buffer part (on the side of heating water), as well as inserts which diffuse the water streams incoming from heat sources or the heating system of the building. The bottom zone has the lowest temperature and allows higher heat accumulation from solar thermal system, as well as the boiler or fireplace with water jacket. The upper zone is one with the highest temperature and works as a heat reserve for heating domestic hot water. The middle zone is connected to building`s heating system. A large number of pipe stubs allows connection of heat sources to various zones, depending on work parameters and regulation capacity.

schemat instalacji z podgrzewaczem INTEGRA

Solar thermal system works in a standard mode, which is based on temperature difference of 1-2. Sensor no 2 is in the bottom zone of the heater in the heating water. Gas boiler gives power to middle zone of the heater, which is connected to building`s heating system. Solid fuel boiler is connected to the bottom zone of buffer tank. Operation of heating circuit pump is controlled through senson number 3. Domestic hot water is heated in built in storage and gains heat from heating water. If the domestic hot water is heated by a boiler using G422 controler, then sensor number 4 is connected to that controller (otherwise the domestic hot water sensor is put in place of sensor number 4).

INTEGRA heater is equipped with 100mm thick polyurethane foam insulation, which limits heat loss. The case is made of hard plastic, resistant to dirt and damage.

Main characteristics:

  • Universal heater with tank-in-tank construction
  • Special inner construction and 3 temperature zones
  • Double mode operation: heating domestic hot water and supporting central heating
  • Possible cooperation with 5 different heat sources (including solar thermal system and an electric heater)
  • Heat buffer fuction allows cooperation with solid fuel boilers, heat pump and solar thermal system
  • Coil heat exchanger allows for effective cooperation with flat plate collectors with aperture of up to 14 m2
  • Easier hydraulic diagram of heating system – heater as a hydraulic coupling
  • Easy transport and installation – body and insulation delivered separately
  • Less installation space demanded compared to separate heater and heat buffer
  • Possible connection of domestic hot water circulation directly to domestic hot water tank
  • Effective corosion protection through use of enamel surface Crystal Enamel®
  • Reduction of heat loss to minimum through the use of hard polyurethane foam ThermoGen®
  • Hard, plastic case, easy to keep clean
  • 5 year warranty

Diameter without insulation:790 mm
Diameter with insulation:990 mm
Height:2015 mm
Weight:210 kg
Maximum pressure in CH tank:3 bar
Maximum pressure in DHW tank:6 bar
Maximum water temperature:90 oC
Warranty:5 years