Heater OKC300NTRR/SOL/n

OKC300NTRR/SOL/n is a Domestic Water Heater (DHW) designed  for use in rooms with reduced height (e.g. existing facilities without an option for reconstruction).  When compared to a standard DHW of the same volume (OKC300NTRR/SOL), the height of the heater is reduced by 210 mm (to provide sufficient space for the outlet of domestic water and space needed for assembling/disassembling the anode).

The heater, in its standard version, is supplied with two heat exchangers (coils). The bottom heat exchanger is connected to a solar system, and the upper to a traditional heat source, which is usually a water boiler. Another optional heat source may be an electrical heater, as Hewalex heater provides an option for connecting such heater to a separate 6/4" stub.

The internal surfaces of the heater are made of steel with a ceramic coating to provide protection against corrosion. Additional protection is ensured by magnesium anode, installed inside the heater (standard solution).

In order to reduce stand-by heat losses, the heater is protected by 50 mm insulation made of rigid polyurethane foam. The outer jacket is made of hard plastic in grey colour to provide higher resistance to dirt and mechanical damage.

An inspection window (ø150 mm) is installed at the bottom part of the heater to facilitate maintenance activities.

The heater may be placed directly on the floor and be precisely levelled with adjustable feet.

Diameter:670 mm
Height:1577 mm
Weight:110 kg
Upper coil surface area:0.8 m²
Lower coil surface area:1.2 m²
Maximum pressure:10 bar
Warranty:5 years