Heater Hewalex OKC250NTRR/SOL is designed for heating domestic hot water in 2 circuit systems composed of solar thermal system and a boiler.

Information about the product

Heater OKC250NTRR/SOL is equipped with 2 coil heat exchangers. Bottom coil is connected to the solar thermal system and the upper coil to the traditional heat source, such as water boiler. Additional heat source may be an electric heater - its connection is enabled through a separate pipe stub 6/4”. The tank is characterized by low heat loss, due to polyurethane foam used as its insulation (50mm thick). Energy efficiency class "C" indicates a very high standard in this category and size of heaters. At the same time it allows keeping optimum relation of energy efficiency to costs of purchase and operation.

The outer jacket is made of hard plastic in grey. It is therefore more resistant to dirt and mechanical damage. Inner surfaces are made of steel and covered with ceramic enamel which protects them from corrosion. Magnezium anode is a standard equipment of the heater and provides additional protection. The heater may be placed directly on the floor and precisely levelled using adjustment tools (feet).


  • 2 coil heat exchangers for solar thermal system and a boiler
  • Maximum recommended absorber surface of solar collectors: 5 m2
  • Effective corosion protection through use of enamel surface Crystal Enamel®
  • Optimum relation of energy efficiency to costs of purchase and operation
  • Magnesium anode for additional protection of inner surfaces
  • Reduction of heat loss to minimum through the use of hard polyurethane foam ThermoGen®
  • Hard, plastic case, easy to keep clean
  • Thermometer built into the case enables reading the temperature of water and control of tank`s work
  • Pipe stub 6/4” enables installation of electric heater (for emergency water heating)
  • Adjustment tools to level the heater on the floor
  • 5 year warranty and possibility of warranty
Diameter:600 mm
Height:1564 mm
Weight:96 kg
Upper coil surface area:1 m²
Lower coil surface area:1 m²
Maximum pressure:10 bar
Warranty:5 years