Solar set HEWALEX 5 TLPAC-INTEGRA500 (KS2100)

The HEWALEX 5 TLPAC-INTEGRA500 (KS2100) solar set is designed to provide hot water for a family of three to eight people and to supplement a building’s central heating system. The installation includes five flat-plate collectors with a combined absorber surface area of 9.14m2, the INTEGRA universal heater with a total capacity of 500 litres, as well as other elements necessary for installation. The exceptions are the fittings, which should be selected individually to suit the site of assembly for the solar collectors, and the tubes that connect the collectors with the heater. 

Using the INTEGRA universal heater makes it easy (and its installation is no more complicated than for standard solar installations for heating domestic water) to use solar energy in two ways: to heat domestic water and to supplement the central heating system.    What is more, the INTEGRA heater can be attached to a number of heat sources, such as gas boilers, heat pumps, solid-fuel boilers or fireplaces, and ensures that they work flexibly together. The special internal construction of the heater with its clear division into three temperature zones means that the solar installation will achieve high levels of performance.