Solar set HEWALEX 5 TLPAC-500 (KS2100)

Solar set HEWALEX 5 TLPAC-500 (KS2100) is designed for heating usable water for a family of 5-8 people. The set includes all elements necessary to build an installation. The exception are the fastening, as it should be chosen individually for a place of montage as well as tubes which connect the collectors with the heater. To facilitate the connection of solar collectors with the heater we recommend use of the elastic connection from our offer.

Solar Collector KS2100 TLP AC:5 pcs.
Collector connection set ZPKS 5:1 set
Armaflex insulation HT/s 28/13 mm:2 m
Masking profile KSL:4 pcs.
Pump Control Unit ZPS 18e-01:1 set
Water heater OKC500 NTRR/SOL:1 pcs.
Pressure vessel ZNP 24DS:1 set
Water heater connection set PC 200-500:1 set
Termsol EKO liquid:30 kg