MiniSOL controller

The MiniSOL controller consists extremely convenient in installation and operation “Plug&Work” solution intended for controlling the operation of a small solar thermal system. It is installed directly in the power socket and operated using a mobile application.

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Controller operation

The MiniSOL controller can operate 1 circulating pump in the solar thermal system based on measurement from 2 temperature sensors. The circulating pump rotational speed is controlled smoothly by PWM2 or iPWM2 signal. Thanks to an innovative algorithm, the system is started immediately after the controller is inserted into a power socket. There is no need to make any settings, as this was the case with standard solar controllers. The MiniSOL controller has a built-in WiFi module that allows for connection to your mobile device and the use of MiniSOL application.

Controller selection for the solar thermal system

The decision on selecting the solar thermal system controller depends on how complex the system is, i.e., how many devices it must control and based on how many sensors. A typical small solar thermal system usually uses 2 temperature sensors (solar collectors and water heater) to control 1 circulating pump operation. In this case, the MiniSOL controller will be sufficient. The GH-26 controller allows the connection of up to 6 temperature sensors and additional accessories (e.g., flow meters, pressure switch, maintenance-free anode). It also allows to control 3 electrical devices (circulating pumps and valves with drives).