ALEX HX10 pump unit

The ALEX HX10 pump unit is intended for small solar thermal systems with a nominal area of the collectors up to 10 m2 (e.g., 5 KS2100F TLP AC collectors). The high-efficiency WILO PARA15/7 iPWM2 circulating pump used in the ALEX HX10 unit enables it to meet the stringent requirements for electricity consumption contained in the ErP Directive.

Cooperation with the selected controller

The versatility of the ALEX HX10 pump unit also lies in the free choice of the solar thermal system controller. For users who prefer maximum functionality and, at the same time, for most typical small solar thermal systems, the MiniSOL controller is recommended. When an extended range of functions and cooperation with more accessories are expected, the GH-26 controller is recommended.

Full adaptation to the installation conditions and requirements of cooperation with equipment

The ALEX HX10 pump unit enables arbitrary connection of the solar thermal system piping, depending on the setting of the hot water cylinder and the required direction of the solar collectors’ supply cable. The power supply from the solar thermal system is connected using a T-connector with an air vent (1), which is included in the scope of the ALEX HX10 unit delivery. The return to the solar collectors should be connected to one of the ports in the upper part of the unit (2), and the return from the coil heat exchanger to one of the lower output ports (3). The pressure relief valve (4) and the connector of the expansion vessel (5), as well as the manometer (6), can be connected to the pump unit depending on its location in relation to the water heater.

Product designed and manufactured by Hewalex

The ALEX HX10 pump units are created on the basis of many years of experience and cooperation with experts in the solar technology industry. They constitute a complete design of Hewalex and are produced in the manufacturing plant in Czechowice-Dziedzice. The pump units were tested in the WILO Intec laboratory in France.

Produkcja grup pompowych dla instalacji solarnej
Grupa solarna - pompowa Hewalex w trakcie produkcji
Pompa obiegowa do instalacji solarnej - dla grup pompowych ZPS Hewalex

Special features of the ALEX HX10 unit:

    • highly efficient circulating pump meeting the requirements of ErP Directive (from August 2015),
    • compact design integrating all the elements in a polypropylene housing that provides insulation,
    • low flow resistance of the whole unit (confirmed in tests), much lower compared to the standard equipment of this type; simple installation - bracket fixed with two screws,
    • easy filling and rinsing of the system - two drain valves as standard; quick and safe venting of the system - a T-connector with an air vent mounted at the top port of the coil heat exchanger - the coil heat exchanger acts as a deaerator here,
    • possible cooperation with any solar controller that operates a PWM-signal-controlled pump,
    • the unit can be equipped with additional components, i.e., temperature sensor, pressure switch or electronic flow meter, as an option.