Bracket KS2600-1B-S200

The bracket is designed for mounting flat plate solar collectors, series KS2600, in battery of collectors (1B- base). It is made for roofs of 30 degree pitch, covered with, for example, tile. The bracket is connected to the roof with double thread screw (S200).

Characteristics and application of the bracket:

  • type of flat plate collector: KS2600
  • application of the bracket: montage of a single flat plate collector
  • roof pitch: min. 30o
  • rooftop connection element: double thread screw S200 (200 mm long) to rafter
  • type of roofing: steel roof tile, bitumen paper, etc

New mounting kits (introduced 04.2016) provide high stability installation and possibility of adjustment to the building. This applies in particular to brackets for pitched roofs, where, depending on the spacing between the battens, a right distance can be chosen between the upper and bottom bar of the bracket. The upper bar is screwed to collector`s mounting profile at an appropriate height.

Benefits of the new mounting kits:

  • sliding connection of the bar and profile on collector`s casing – flexible installation possibilities
  • shorter installation time – some elements are initially assembled
  • convenient installation – stable and easily accessible profile brackets on collector`s casing
  • resistance to corrosion – elements made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • choice between H430 hook or S200 double thread screw – adjusted to the roofing