Flat roof mounting kit KS2600-45-2B

Flat roof mounting kit is designed for montage of 2 flat plate collectors, types KS2600, in battery of collectors (2B – base for 2 collecors). It is aimed at mounting collectors on flat roofs or on the ground, with 45 degrees inclination from horizontal.

Characteristics and application of the flat roof mounting kit:

  • types of flat plate collectors: KS2600
  • application of the flat roof mounting kit: montage of two collectors in a battery
  • place of montage: flat roof or ground
  • collector`s inclination: 45 degree as a standard (possible lower angle between 30-45 degrees)

Benefits of the new mounting kits:

  • sliding connection of the bar and profile on collector`s casing – flexible installation possibilities
  • shorter installation time – some elements are initially assembled
  • convenient installation – stable and easily accessible profile brackets on collector`s casing
  • resistance to corrosion – elements made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • choice between H430 hook or S200 double thread screw – adjusted to the roofing