Fitting for Vertical Extension (for 2 Additional Outer Collectors)

The flashing is designed for montage of flat plate collectors (types KS2000 and KS2100) directly on roof slope, instead of using the roof tiles. Such method of montage is mainly applied in new buildings or at the time of renovation and roofing renewal.

Solar collectors are put directly on roof sheathing or ridge beams. The minimum pitch of the roof is 30°. We offer 4 types of flashing, which allow montage of solar collectors in a single row and well as adjacent in multiple rows (one below another).

Flashing - vertical expansion, for two additional collectors on the edge of the battery (SET 3, symbol RS-335) is ordered when collectors are installed on the roof in 2 rows or more (one below another). It is designed for adding collectors to the edge of the battery. You will find detailed guidelines on how to make a correct order for flashing, depending on the number of collectors, on the drawing below.