Solar collector KS2600F TLP AC

Flat plate solar collector KS2600F TLP AC is the optimum solution in terms of technology and price. The laser welded absorber is made of high quality materials – aluminium and copper (Al-Cu). High efficiency is achieved through the use of highly selective coating (PVD), glass providing high, U1 class permeability to solar radiation and full thermal insulation of the casing.

Possible application

Flat plate solar collector KS2600F TLP AC is designed for small houses as well as large solar thermal systems. Perfect for single-family homes and apartment-houses, as well as commercial, industrial and other buildings. They can also be used for heating pool water and to support central heating. The recommended inclination from horizontal is between 30 do 45° for optimum year-round operation. Mounting kits allow installation of collectors on various roofings, directly on the roof slope, as well as on building`s wall, flat roof and on the ground.

Structurized, U1 transmittance class glass, allows high optical efficiency 75,3%, confirmed by the Solar Keymark certificate. The thermal insulation made of rock wool, in combination with wall insulation, provide low heat losses. Chosen composition of aluminum ensures protection from external conditions and corrosion.

Characteristics and application of the KS2600F TLP AC solar thermal collector

Aluminum copper absorbers are a common standard on the European solar thermal collectors market. Using an aluminum plate allows production of a lighter collector with lower production costs. At the same time quality and efficiency are kept at the same high level as in copper absorbers. Laser welding provides maximum durability and mechanical strength through joining aluminum plate and copper piping and excellent transmittion of heat to heating medium. Moreover, a laser welded absorber is characterized by high aesthetics.

Tempered glass is characterized by high transmittance of solar radiation – highest U1 class, almost 92% of solar radiation passes through the glass to the inside of the collector and therefore more accesses the absorber. All standard resistance tests, according to EN ISO 9806 norm were carried out, which is confirmed by a Solar Keymark certificate. Among the tests was load resistance (snow, wind, load ~100 kg/m2), impact resistance, suction power resistance (wind, ~100 kg/m2) and hail resistance (ice balls 45mm in diameter).

The casing of a flat solar thermal collector must protect it from adverse environment conditions, be inflexible, tight and resistant to corrosion. The KS2600F TLP AC collector`s casing is made of aluminum with increased thickness. Combining the border of the glass with bottom part of the casing is a durable solution in the full range of operation temperatures as well as resistant to humidity and UV radiation. The casing is not painted. 

możliwości zabudowy kolektorów słonecznyc na dachu

Flat plate collectors KS2600F TLP AC may be installed on a pitched roof as well as flat one, building`s wall and on the ground. Hewalex offers a selection of brackets and mounting kits. Harp arrangement of the absorber allows connecting KS2600F TLP AC collectors in various ways. They may therefore be put parallely, as well as in series and in parallel series on restricted roof area, etc. The collector does not need to be levelled, which also facilitates installation.

We offer masking profiles KSL for collectors installed in one battery, which improves the aesthetics. They hide the connectors and fill spaces between adjacent collectors.

NOTICE: Complete solar sets include only full painted version of collectros ex. KS2600 TP AC. Solar collectors with non-painted casing, ex. KS2600 TP AC, are available in our offer.

PVD coating (blue coating) is a market standard in high efficiency solar thermal collectors. Metallic and ceramic coatings develop in production processes of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). Selective PVD coating is characterized by highest work efficiency, due to absorbing of 95% of solar radiation and heat emission of no more than 5%.

izolacja cieplna kolektora słonecznego

The casing is thermally insulated – the bottom as well as the walls. Thickness of thermal insulation is suitable also for operation in cold environment. KS2600F TLP AC collector is also suitable for Scandinavian countries or the United Kingdom. Thermal insulation is made or rock wool, with minimum quantity of tackifiers. Therefore the risk of pollution in higher temperatures in eliminated (protecion of absorber and inner surface of glass). Rock wool is a natural material, therefore it keeps its properties during whole life of solar collector.

Flat plate solar collector KS2600F TLP AC, according to EN ISO 9806 norm, has undergone tests for thermal shock and prolonged overheating. Stagnation temperature, 201 oC, proves high efficiency construction as well as resistance to overheating. Such high temperatures are maintained for a long time during testing to check if no damage appears of any of the collectors` components. Such protection is provided mainly by the piping configuration. Harp arrangement allows for fast, automatic removal of glycol from the absorber at the very start of stagnation. It protects glycol and solatr thermal installation from damage.

Single harp absorber is characterized by low flow resistance (even 20-30 times lower compared to single flow absorber). It allows larger distance between roof and boiler when installing the collectors. Moreover, circulation pump consumes less energy. Operation with higher flow rate decreases thermal loss and increases collector`s efficiency. Low flow resistance allows connection of collectors parallely and in series of 8 and 5 units (or larger chains upon request). 

KS2600F TLP AC solar thermal collectors are equipped with 3/4" pipe stubs. Seals made of fluor-caoutchouc VITON® Du Pont are resistant to mechanical and chemical load in temperatures ranging from -40 to +220 oC. Use of unions eliminates the risk of damage to sealing surfaces (as it is in regular pipe stubs with slide connector), which may result in need for exchanging the collector. Purchasing replacement seals of union connection as well as their installation, are easy and low cost operations for the user.

10 years warranty

Since the 1990s, Hewalex has been granting its` Customers the longest warranties on the market for solar thermal collectors. The standard warranty on KS2600F TLP AC collector is 10 years. Moreover, the warranty conditions are one of the best on the market in terms of duration and minimum operation restrictions.

Good technical solutions and precise construction

Collector`s constructional solutions as well as production technologies are based on 30 years of experience – the longest on Polish market. In 2007 Hewalex was the first in Poland to introduce ultrasonic welding, which provides highest precision and quality of copper absorbers. Connection of absorber sheet with piping at a molecular level with no other additional binder is characterized by maximum mechanical strength and highest coefficient of heat transmittion. PVD coating`s characteristics are high absorption of solar radiation (95%) and minimum heat emission (5%)

absorber kolektora płaskiego aluminiowo-miedziany Al-Cu Hewalex KS2100 TLP AC
spawania laserowe absorbera aluminiowo-miedzianego
produkcja obudowy kolektora płaskiego

Collector`s case is made of aluminum with increased thickness. It allows stability and corrosion resistance. In the production process, Hewalex uses as many components as possible from domestic manufacturers. The company`s collectors were the first ones in the country to receive a Solar Keymark Certificate in 2007.

Small and large solar thermal installations

In 30 years of our history, we delivered solar thermal collectors to over 150 000 buildings and objects in Poland and abroad. Over 150.000 solar thermal installations are successfully operating in small buildings, such as single family homes, as well as in big apartment houses, hotels, office buildings, medical institutions and industrial buildings. For the best whole year operations, the advised inclination of collectors is 30 to 60°. In case of low pitched roof we recommend adjustment brackets. It is also possible to install our collectors on building`s wall, a flat roof or on the ground, using our flat roof mounting kits.

kolektory płaskie Hewalex na dachu domu jedorodzinnego
kolektory słoneczne Hewalex w budynku jednorodzinnym
kolektora płaskie Hewalex na dachu budynku mieszkalnego
kolektory płaskie Hewalex na dachu domu 1-rodzinnego
kolektory słoneczne Hewalex w budynku jednorodzinnym
kolektora płaskie Hewalex na dachu budynku mieszkalnego
kolektory płaskie Hewalex w bloku mieszkalnym
kolektory słoneczne Hewalex w budynku wielorodzinnym
kolektory płaskie Hewalex w budynku szkolnym
kolektory płaskie Hewalex w obiekcie hotelowym
kolektory słoneczne Hewalex w budynku turystycznym
kolektory płaskie Hewalex na dachu budynku turystycznego

We develop our facilities: sales, construction, R&D, maintanance and many others to improve and adjust to each project, also by creating custom products according to Customer`s needs and specification of the building.

Standard 10 year warranty

Since the 1990s, Hewalex has been granting its Customers the longest warranties on the market for solar thermal collectors. The standard warranty for KS2600F TLP AC collector is 10 years. It is a direct warranty given by the manufacturer with a strong market position. Moreover, all of our production processes are carried out here, in Poland, which is important from after-sales and service point of view. All possible damages of solar collectors, such as the ones caused by force majeur, may be repaired in our production facilities at an acceptable cost.

Why choose Hewalex as your solar thermal collectors manufacturer?

  • 30 years of experience provide best quality
  • High efficiency proved by Solar Keymark
  • Particularly good relation of price, quality and efficiency
  • Many installation and exploitation possibilities
  • 10 year manufacturer`s warranty
  • Wide distribution network = safety of operation
  • Domestic resources and components = economy support
  • Strong and stable manufacturer = good access to after sales and service
  • Energy from sun - the cheapest, easy to get
  • Technology and construction solutions well known on 40 export markets

Gross surface:2,62 m²
Optical efficiency (brutto):75,3%
Heat loss coefficient a1 (brutto):3,168 W/(m²K)
Heat loss coefficient a2 (brutto):0,012 W/(m²K²)
Length:2022 mm
Width:1295 mm
Height:90 mm
Liquid capacity:1,1 l
Weight:43 kg
Solar Keymark Certificate:011-7S2822 F