Controller G422

The controller is an autonomous regulating device developed to control the operation of circulation pumps in solar collector systems. The controller features a modern design and is very easy to use thanks to the user panel with intuitive keyboard and LCD graphics display. The controller is an integral part of pumping and control units ZPS 18e-01, ZPS 18e-01 ECO or ZPS 28-01.

The G422-P07 controller is a development of earlier versions, with additional functions. The European energy efficiency directive ErP (Energy related Products) provides for gradual replacement of traditional circulation pumps with new high-efficiency pumps with electronically controlled speed. The G422-P07 controller can be used with both traditional fixed-speed pumps and pumps with electronically controlled speed.

Another significant improvement of the G422-P07 functionality is an option to connect the pressure sensor for the solar collector system. This allows to control the system operating conditions, also remotely via the EKONTROL remote monitoring module.


Functions of the G422-P09 controller:

  • intuitive and convenient use thanks to a large LCD display
  • selection of the circulation pump type and control using the special operating algorithm; available options: standard WILO ST6 pump, standard pump with reduced energy consumption WILO ST6ECO, electronic pump controlled by special electronic signal PWM: WILO ST7PWM2
  • ability to connect four NTC10k temperature sensors
  • ability to connect three circulation pumps and/or control valves
  • support of different solar system variants (min. 19), including central heating support and swimming pool heating
  • reduction of operation of basic heat source, e.g. heating boiler, in case of favourable conditions for solar heating
  • selection of priority for solar heating operation (domestic hot water, central heating support, swimming pool water)
  • time programs for operation of circulation pumps, e.g. DHW circulation pump
  • hygiene function (periodic anti-bacterial heating)
  • protection of collectors from overheating
  • holiday function protecting the system from overheating when no heat is utilized for a long period
  • graphical indication of current system temperatures and operating states
  • graphical indication of heat outputs over time (daily, weekly, monthly and multiannual meters)
  • early visual and sound signals in case of failures, e.g. absence of flow in system, circulation pump failure, air lock in the system, damaged temperature sensor
  • continuously updated indication of heating performance of solar collectors
  • continuously updated indication of electrical energy consumed by the solar circulation pump
  • information about active anti-bacterial heating function (anti-legionella) implemented by the controller
  • ability to connect the EKO-GSM or EKO-LAN module for the EKONTROL remote monitoring
  • available language versions: Polish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Croatian, Russian.