CKF3325 three-way valve

CKF3325 three-way valve is intended to control the flow of hot and/or cold water as well as glycol solutions of the concentration up to 50%. It is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Characteristics of the product

1.      Durable brass (stainless) cover.

2.      Low energy consumption - only during valve repositioning.

3.      Electrical contacts placed inside the valve, which guarantees high motor longevity.

4.      Ease of  drive adjustment and setting (open/close).

5.      Ease of controller assembly/disassembly to the body.

Voltage:230V (+/-10%), 50/60Hz
Energy consumption (during valve repositioning): 4 W
Time required to reposition: opening – 18s / closing – 15s
Nominal pressure:1.6 MPa
Pressure difference: 0.3 MPa
Connections:1” male thread
Suitable fluids: hot and cold water, glycol solutions of the concentration up to 50%
Fluid temperature range: 2 – 75 °C