ZPS 18e-01 ECO pump and control unit

The ZPS 18e-01 ECO pump and control unit is a development of the ZPS 18e-01. It ensures the heating medium flow in the solar installation, and protects and controls its operation using the integral G422-P07 electronic controller. The unit is used in installations featuring flat or vacuum solar collectors with flow rate up to 18 litres per minute.


New standard of energy efficiency

According to the ErP directive, the glandless circulation pumps used after August 2015 must have the energy efficiency index (EEI) < 0.23. In standard circulation pumps the EEI exceeded even 0.70. The ZPS 18e-01 ECO features a high-efficiency (so-called “electronic) WILO ST7.0-PWM2 M pump with EEI below the 0.20 mark to comply with the requirements of ErP directive. The pump also has a stepless speed control by means of the PWM signal from the G422 (from the P07 version onwards) or the GH26 controller.

The ZPS 18e-01 ECO is equipped with an electronic flowmeter for precise measurements of instantaneous flow of the heating medium, measuring and reading the heat efficiency of the solar installations, and for a quick fault diagnostics. The measurements are performed continuously, regardless of the current speed of the circulation pump. 


New functionality – pressure control

Thanks to the barostat used as a standard feature in the ZPS 18-01 ECO unit, the minimum pressure  in the solar installation is controlled on a continuous basis. When the pressure drops to 1.5 bar, the G422 or GH26 controller signals fault. In combination with the EKOKONTROL remote supervision, the alarm message will be sent to the user by the SMS text messaging or email.



The piping can be connected to the ZPS 18e-01 ECO pump and control unit on the right-hand or left-hand side, depending on the location of the storage heater and the required direction of the outlet pipe feeding the solar collectors. 


Particular features of ZPS 18e-01 ECO:


  • high-efficiency pump compliant with the ErP requirements (from August 2015)
  • barostat to control the minimum pressure in the solar installation
  • compact design integrating all components in a polypropylene enclosure which also serves as thermal insulation
  • electronic G-916 flowmeter
  • built-in large-volume air separator for quick and effective venting of the installation (proved during tests)
  • low flow resistance in the whole unit (proved during tests), significantly lower than in standard devices of this kind
  • functionality and easy mounting of the unit, total emptying of the installation by means of the built-in drain valve located in the lowermost part of the unit and the installation
  • standard two drain valves for filling and flushing of the installation
  • complete supply, including cabling, minimizes the mounting and start-up time


G422-P07 electronic controller – see more


  • built-in G422-P07 electronic controller has a user-friendly intuitive interface and a large LCD display
  • extended range of functions for full support of various variants of the installation


Possible applications of the ZPS 18e-01 ECO unit

The ZPS 18e-01 ECO can be used in solar installations with capacity up to 18 litres per minute (1.08 m3/h)

The unit can operate with all solar collectors with the exception of the “aluminium” KS2000 TP Am / TLP Am ones (they feature the ZPS 18a-01 unit).

The unit can be mounted on the wall so that the drain valve is located in the lowermost part of the installation. The controller mounting height allows an easy operation.


Maximum number of solar collectors that can be connected:

KS2000 flat collectors: up to 15 (27 m2 of the absorber area)

KSR10 vacuum collectors: up to 20 (20 m2 of the absorber area)